Cinema4D Plugins

I have written several plugins for Cinema4D - a quick overview is provided here. These plugins are only available from my company lots of pixels ltd.

For full details click on the plugin names below.

fusionThing 1.0     ($195)    
A very powerful procedural modelling and animation system that lets you build with meshes rather than with vertices and polygons. Works in two modes - 'Immediate mode' for rapid workflow when you know exactly what you want, and 'Object mode' for when you want maximum flexibility, and for when you need advanced animation. Check the main page for samples, training videos, and full tutorial manual.

spinPoly 2.0         (for C4D R6 or later)
A simple to use modelling tool which lets you rapidly change the flow of your meshes by spinning shared edges of adjacent polygons, or spinning all polygons around a single vertex. Can be used on textured models without disturbing existing UVW mappings.

powerAxis 1.0            (for C4D R8 only)
Ever been frustrated by the complete lack of control over the modelling axes in C4D? This plugin is the solution! With this plugin you gain complete control over the modelling axes, allowing you to rotate and scale selections relative to any arbitrary axis position/orientation. The plugin also includes tools to easily place/align the modelling axes based on selections (with optional alignment to vertex, edge and polygon normals). Multiple useful axes positions/alignments can be stored, for easy re-use. Finally, a set of tools is provided that allows an entire object to be moved/rotated such that the selected part of the object is placed in a particular location, rather than the object's centre. A demo version is available at

geomCheck 1.1     FREE!     (for C4D R6 or later)
A handy tool for finding problems in your meshes. It can detect lots of different types of problems with geometry, which can cause shading or subdivision artefacts, and other troubles.