CGTalk Earthquake VFX Challenge

This page is about my entry in the Nov. 2002 CGTalk Earthquake VFX challenge.
It won third place in the contest!

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The challenge was to create a 5 second effects shot of an earthquake tearing up a road, incorporating live action.
For full rules, follow this link: CGTalk Earthquake VFX challenge

My Submission

You can view my challenge thread on CGTalk here. (Lots of information in there).

My storyboard is here

How it was done

A lot of discussion and information can be found in my thread.

In addition, there are the following two sections:


This section provides examples of the various layers that went into the final composite, and what they were for. Examples are also provided of several of the intermediate composites.

CG Car model

This is a short section describing how the CG Car was made, and also shows the failed initial attempt to use camera mapping from the original footage.