Bits and Bobs

This section contains assorted oddments that may be of interest. The contents are likely to change quite often, and some of these things may end up with more detailed pages of their own. In the mean time, you might find them useful.

Car Demo  This is a Cinema4D R8.1 project file containing XPresso/Coffee code for calculating the position and orientation of a car over time with input controls for speed and steering. It's a bit rough in places but it works. Most of the work is actually done in Coffee. If you are an R6 or R7 owner then the Coffee file can be read here. It won't work as-is in R6 or R7, but you can see what the code does. This project file requires Cinema4D 8.1. It will not work with 8.0.

XPresso project. The XPresso 'bouncing ball' project in the R8 tutorial manual has a bug. This file shows two alternative approaches to this project, neither of which have this bug.