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This is the personal website of Steve Baines, containing various stuff, mostly to do with computer graphics and programming. My modelling plugins for Cinema4D are available exclusively from my company lots of pixels ltd (the sidebar links to the Lots of Pixels site).

Major plugin for Cinema4D - 'fusionThing'

'fusionThing' is the result of an extensive development effort - it provides a high level approach to modelling and animation, based around combining and manipulating meshes rather than vertices or polygons.
Go to the main page for full description, sample images and animations, tutorial manual, and training videos.
If you use C4D and want more control when modelling then check out the Plugins section for some useful extra tools, including the FREE geometry checking plugins 'geomCheck'.

CGTalk Challenges
I entered a couple of the first Visual Effects challenges on the CGTalk site. The entries and several pages of information on how I went about making them is available in the Challenges section.

The Tutorials section contains a simple 'getting started' tutorial If you're interested in writing C++ plugins yourself - showing how to isolate and modify a single plugin from the SDK. A second tutorial shows how you can use a free compiler to build and work with the Cinema4D SDK.

Books - NEW!
It's been a while since I've updated this site, due to lack of time, but I decided that it might be worth listing some of the books that I have found to be particularly valuable. This is in-progress... There's a few other things in the Bits & Bobs section, and hopefully the Shop and Contact sections are self-explanatory...

Thanks for visiting!